Awards eligibility and recommendations


Finally, I got around to an awards eligibility and recommendations list which includes things by other people, so here it is:

My stuff:

The Red Scholar’s Wake (Gollancz in the UK, JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc. in the US) is eligible for Best Novel.

Of Charms, Ghosts and Grievances from JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc. aka “the murderbirds go babysitting” is eligible for Best Novella.

“Sword of Bone, Hall of Thorns” in The Sunday Morning Transport, is eligible for Best Short Story.

If you enjoyed my work, I would love if you nominated it for awards: these always help visibility, and it’s been a rough few years in terms of that (thank you not thank you divorce, pandemic and the apparent implosion of twitter, sigh).

Both The Red Scholar’s Wake and Of Charms, Ghosts and Grievances are on the BSFA longlist, and voting for that closes Feb 19th; meanwhile, Of Charms, Ghosts and Grievances is on the Nebula Recommended Reading list. Voting is this way for the BSFA, and this way for the Nebulas.

-The artwork by Alyssa Winans (UK cover of The Red Scholar’s Wake) is eligible for Best Artwork, and it’s notably on the BSFA longlist. Would love to see that one recognised because Alyssa has been doing stellar work. See above for the voting link.

Things I liked from last year:

“12 Things A Trini Should Know before Travelling to A Back In Times Fete ™”, RSA Garcia (Strange Horizons, short story): time travelling, slavery, and a sharp look at the dangers of the past.

-“can i offer you a nice egg in those trying times”, Iori Kusano (Uncanny Magazine, short story): portal stories, PTSD, and grief. Short and powerful.

“Lily the Immortal”, Kylie Lee Baker (Uncanny Magazine, short story): simulations after death, bittersweet and poignant.

-“Papa Legba has entered the chat”, DaVaun Sanders (Fireside, short story): police brutality, technology and old dark magic.

“Elsewhere, Elsewhere”, L. Chan (Giganotosaurus, short story): time magic, timeless love and timeless betrayals.

-The Sunday Morning Transport ed Julian Yap and Fran Wilde is eligible for Best Semiprozine. If you’d like to see what they publish: aside from my own “Sword of Bone, Hall of Thorns“, you can check this Yoon Ha Lee story they published last year which I absolutely loved.

Would also recommend checking out Sara A. Mueller’s The Bone Orchard for Best Novel which is court intrigue + Gothic decadence + whodunit!



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