House of Sundering Flames excerpt!


House of Sundering Flames excerpt!

It’s almost a month before publication of the final Dominion of the Fallen book, The House of Sundering Flames (coming July 27th from Gollancz), so here’s a little snippet from the beginning:


In Emmanuelle’s dreams, the world was fire. Angels rose on wings of flame towards a distant, unattainable City: a concoction of mother-of-pearl buildings, enameled domes and white, eye-searing streets in which featureless shapes flowed past each other. At the top of the highest tower was the light of a burning sun—it couldn’t be watched, couldn’t be held within her field of vision without hurting her eyes or burning her face. She reached out towards it—towards Him—and everything fell apart, the flames becoming the jagged shards of a vast, unknowable puzzle raining down on her.

She woke up, and everything hurt. She lay on her back for a while, staring at a sky that wasn’t gray—that wasn’t even the cornflower blue of Lucifer Morningstar’s eyes, or of the heavens as they had been, before the war, before the pall of pollution. It was an odd shade of purple, shading into indigo. As she watched, sounds intruded: distant clatters, and a rumble, like stones collapsing atop each other. It was hot—too hot.

She needed to get up.


What to expect: a Gothic Paris devastated by a magical war, a bi dragon prince with a gift for trouble, explosions, back stabbings and creepy birds! (oh, and creepy trees, too. Because apparently nature is scary insofar as I’m concerned).

If you want to know more, there’ll be a longer excerpt (the whole of chapter 1, which has dragon prince Thuan as an additional point of view character) going out tomorrow with the newsletter: you can sign up here!

More info about the book here.

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