“Lullaby for a Lost World now up at Tor.com”


“Lullaby for a Lost World now up at Tor.com”

My dark fantasy short story “Lullaby for a Lost World” is now up at Tor.com.

This is why you should never, ever suggest I write stories with unicorns.

They bury you at the bottom of the gardens–what’s left of you, pathetic and small and twisted so out of shape it hardly seems human anymore. The river, dark and oily, licks at the ruin of your flesh–at your broken bones–and sings you to sleep, in a soft, gentle language like a mother’s lullabies; whispering of rest and forgiveness; of a place where it is forever light, forever safe.

You do not rest. You cannot forgive. You are not safe– you never were.

Read for free at Tor.com.


  1. think that is why some fen
    created dead unicorn fandom.
    to stop the cute myth ,
    because they are not cute.
    they’re beasts of power.

  2. (((JamesPadraicR)))

    No, Unicorns are not to be trifled with:
    (hopefully that’s viewable elsewhere)

    Very much looking forward to the next book.

  3. @faun: hahaha yes unicorns are powerful and dangerous! (for me they’ve always been, rather than cute!).
    @JamesPadraicR: hahaha thank you! And LOL on the movie 🙂 Next book has been turned in and I’m now waiting on revisions °_°

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