Coming soon… Obsidian and Blood ebooks


Coming soon… Obsidian and Blood ebooks

Just a quick update because people have asked: as you may know, the Obsidian and Blood rights have reverted to me. Have been busy with lots of things, but the plan is to release them as ebook soon-ish (it doesn’t all go through me so precise timeline to be confirmed later ^-^)

They’re going to have super new covers designed by Jonathon Dalton and Melanie Ujimori (with art direction by Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein). To whet your appetite, here are a few of the glyphs Jonathon designed for the cover of Servant of the Underworld…


  1. Andrew Barton (MadLogician)

    Good to hear.

    I happen to have paper copies of book 1 and the omnibus. Book 1 had some interesting notes at the back which aren’t in the omnibus and don’t seem to be in the electronic extras. Is it possible to include these in the ebook version?

  2. Any chance for the French translation to become an ebook ?

  3. @Andrew: I think those should be in, normally.
    @Mathieu: sadly, no, as I’m not the rights-holder of the French translation 🙁

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