Last day to nominate for the Hugos


Today is the last day to nominate for the Hugo awards.

I’ve updated my recs post here with two novellas and a short story. Wish I’d made more progress on the novels, but it’s been a slowgoing kind of year, reading wise (I think I’m possibly the only one who entetertained delusions that it was going to be a productive time).
The nomination form is here (you’ll need your member number and PIN, which should have been emailed to you). I would urge you to nominate even if you feel you haven’t read enough last year: it’s a huge field, and even something that feels like an incomplete, fragmented view of it is a valuable opinion (and experience has shown that the people who don’t vote because they feel they haven’t read enough are disproportionately women and other minorities, which has the implications you can guess on the shortlists. Vote vote vote, if you’re able to do so). I know I’ll be finalising my ballot tonight. What about you? Have you voted? Did you find new favourites this year?


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