Snippet: The Great Market had used to be held in the same place week after week–Les Halles, the belly of the city, the exuberant display of abundance of an empire that had believed itself immortal–against all the evidence of history. But Les Halles had been destroyed in the War; and the fragile magical balance that had followed led to an arrangement where the Great Market rotated between the major Houses. 

Things researched: geography of Ile de La Cite. Zola’s life, of all things.

Plot direction of the day: drastic alterations to outline for chapter. Wondering how to cram in extra body count.


  1. Cool! I love a good post-apocalyptic magic story. Is this a novel or short-story?
    Also, Sofia Bulgaria has an indoor market called “Khalite,” literally “The Khals.” I wonder if Les Halles is a cognate…

  2. @Daniel: It’s a novel 🙂
    a “halle” is basically a gathering place with merchandise, so “les halles” is the biggest gathering place

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