Hugo Awards nomination deadline


Still snowed under, but I did want to make sure this was out there as people were filling out their ballots…

Hugo nominations deadline is on March 10th; I’ve already put up an awards recommendation post  (and supplementary recs here). But since the Hugos include non-fiction categories, I thought I’d add a few more recommendations in that direction:

Best Fanzine:

Both the World SF Blog and Europa SF have done a great job of taking SF past the Western Anglophone bias that still dominates the field: Europa SF is mainly focused on Europe whereas the scope of the World SF blog is a bit larger. Both have interesting and varied features, and I think their nominations would add diversity to the field.

Best Fan Writer:

Abigail Nussbaum and Aishwarya Subramanian are two blogs I read regularly. They both write fiercely intelligent, detailed posts on genre (and non-genre) books, and have led me to many an unsuspected treasure.

(btw, because people have asked: yup, On a Red Station, Drifting is eligible for the Best Novella Hugo; if you’re a Hugo or Nebula voter and you’re interested in reading it, contact me–for Nebula voters, it’s in the SFWA forums as part of the Nebula Awards voting packet).


  1. “if you’re a Hugo or Nebula voter and you’re interested in reading it, contact me”

    Oh! I’d *love* to read On a Red Station, Drifting in time for my Hugo nominations. What should I do?

    In fact, when I backed the World SF Travel Fund I was expecting to receive On a Red Station, Drifting before the deadline, but since they haven’t talked about sending the rewards yet, I had lost all hope of being able to read it in time.

    Also, I don’t know if you’re still looking for novella recommendations, but I’ve read some that I think that are very good:

    * The Longest Fall, Liu Cixin
    * Adrift on the Sea of Rains, Ian Sales
    * The Emperor’s Soul, Brandon Sanderson
    * The Boolean Gate, Walter Jon Williams

    There are other excellent stories by Liu Cixin (Mountain, Taking Care of God, The Wandering Earth) but I think that they are, in fact, novelettes (though the word count is, in some cases, very close to the category boundary).

  2. @Odo: since I have your email, I’ll send it to you tonight 🙂

  3. (oh, and thank you for the recs! I’ll see if I can get hold of at least some of these before the deadline)

  4. Thanks! Really looking forward to reading your novella. And hope you like the recs!

  5. Dear Aliette,

    I’m an Hugo voter (you can find my name (Miquel Codony Bodas) as supporting member for the las WorldCon in Chicago here: and I would really love to read _On a Red Station, Drifting_ before the nominations. Do I understand that you are willing to forward it?

    I would review it at my blog as well 🙂 I’m looking forward to read it, I’m sure it will be really interesting.

    The one I’m really looking forward to read (that one I have already waiting for me) is _Servant of the Underworld_. Odo has told me amazing things about that one.

    Best wishes and thanks.

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