“The Shipmaker”/”La Mère des Nefs” in Orbs


Quite happy to announce that “La Mère des Nefs” (lit. “Mother of Ships”, except “nefs” has a grandeur to it that “ship” doesn’t quite have in French…), the French translation of “The Shipmaker” will be appearing in the inaugural edition of Orbs, L’Autre Planètea cross between a bound book and a magazine (“beau-livre magazine” as they say in French).

Many thanks to Maxence Layet and Nathalie Barneix and the rest of the Orbs team for the opportunity and the translation–it’s always fascinating to see the process of translation into another language you speak, and this was no exception. Also, I have seen the galleys, and it all looks quite gorgeous. Looking forward to it!


  1. How exciting! (And isn’t it odd — and wondrous and beautiful — the way some words carry broader meanings in translation?)

  2. Thank you (I find it odd and wondrous, but also quite frustrating 🙂 )

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