The H, after we discovered I’m going to have to cut down on dairy consumption due to mild intolerances, “Kind of curious though, most Vietnamese don’t eat dairy. Where do they get their calcium from?”

Me, after a quick spot of google and some thought given to the matter. “Well, uh, from seafood and algae and nuts, I guess? And, ha, I think I understand why they eat the shells on the shrimps now!”

(I *always* eat my shrimp shells, which puzzles the H as he can’t envision why I’d want to)


  1. I didn’t know you could! (Loves shrimp, now pondering trying the shells.)

  2. I always eat shrimp shells too! I don’t think anyone ever taught me to, I just do, though most of my friends find it strange.

  3. And dark leafy green vegetables? Bok choi and its friends have a fair amount of calcium; so does garlic.

  4. @Andrea: sure you can, as long as you wash them 🙂 (also, the head’s the best part–mm the burning juices when you suck on it).
    @Laurie: ha, now I feel less alone!
    @Sharon: yup, definitely leafy green vegetables, forgot all about them! (and given my heavy consumption of garlic, I should be overdosing on calcium by now 🙂 )

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