Misc. self-promotion


-You can support Michael J Vinegar’s Tome of Ideas, a sourcebook for writers, roleplayers and gamemasters, over at kickstarter: the tome will feature gorgeous artwork and include prompts from writers like Kevin J. Anderson, Dan Wells, Naomi Novik–and more up-and-coming awesome people like Ken Liu, Eugie Foster, Tony Pi, and many others besides! Check it out here.
-My short fiction sampler Scattered Among Strange Worlds went live on amazon:
Contains “Scattered Along the River of Heaven” and “Exodus Tides” in handy mobi format, two stories of families, loss and exile (with postapocalyptic mermaids and swarms of nanobots!). Buy at .com, .co.uk, .fr, or any other amazon places. I’ll look up into how to put it for sale on smashwords on days when I feel less lazy, promise…
-Proud to announce I have sold “The Waiting Stars”, the space opera story I was working on last week (snippet here if you’re interested) to Athena Andreadis and Kay Holt’s The Other Half of the Sky, an anthology of feminist space opera that’s shaping up to be quite impressive. Many thanks go to my betas on this: Abhinav Jain, Brandie Tarvin, Andy Coughlan, John Murphy, and extra helpings of said thanks to Ken Liu and Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, whose very perceptive comments helped me fix a disastrous ending.
You can go read Athena’s posts about the anthology here and here if you’re interested to see the genesis of the project. My story focuses on, er, postcolonial trauma, and also squads of homicidal drones and women doing awesome things with robotics, signal processing and biology, just because, you know, women are awesome as a matter of course 😀


  1. I bought your two-stories collection today. For now in electronic format, but I hope someday I would see your short fiction in print, because I would love to have a copy of them on my personal library (the physical one ;0 ). Especially since “Scattered Along the River of Heaven” was one of the best short stories I read this year.

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