Brief update, links


OK, now that I’m almost over the line with the proposal (improvised 2 sequels yesterday, lol), time to lift the blogging hiatus! First off, some shameless plugging links:
-Lovely story by Tori Truslow, “A Catalogue of Unreadable Things”. All I’m going to say is that it takes place in a library of sunken books and mixes sailors and librarians. Doesn’t get much cooler than this!
-You can find me over at the Founding Fields blogging on writing non-Western fantasy, cultural appropriation and the Obsidian and Blood books–many thanks to Abhinav Jain for the invitation (and for the rather awesome review).
-Also, I’m at Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog for “My Favourite Bit”, in which I talk about the monsters in Obsidian and Blood
-Reviews of “Immersion” at too many places to mention (and, hum, I haven’t been keeping track of all of them while I was fighting with my synopsis), but can I jump up and down at having been mentioned by io9 as worthy of Dangerous Visions? Also this one by Bogi Takács, basically thinking it award-worthy. Wow wow wow. Also, lively discussion on imperialism, cultural oppression and standards of beauty happening in the story comments if you’re so inclined.


  1. Thank you for the link :] BTW I’m really happy the omnibus just came out because I’ve been meaning to read these novels since I love your short fiction (and – at risk of sounding like an anti-Semitic caricature >_< – I'm totally interested in human sacrifice as a literary theme). I wonder how heavy the print version is, I want to take it with me on holiday… I hope if I order it now, it will get here in time. Sure I can get the ebook, but I want a BRICK I can chuck at people. *chuckle*

  2. 🙂 thanks for the review, it totally made my Thursday morning (especially since I was feeling a little bluesy).
    Ha, hope you like the omnibus, but fair warning–I was a lot more clueless about some racial/feminism/social stuff when I wrote those books than when I wrote “Immmersion”… Let me know what you think!
    (kind of curious to see how the book is too, gotta be encyclopedia-worthy!)

  3. I’ll be getting a copy too, thanks to Darren T. who really praised the review 🙂 I’ve inadvertently set a high bar for writing future reviews, oooooooooooops.

    And I’ll second the call for awards, although that’d be for Obsidian and Blood novels! And I’ll get around to reading Immersion this week finally!

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