Vietnam pictures


And the much-delayed pictures (the H still holds the pictures hostage on his computer. I filched a few that looked pretty).

The first two are of the Ngũ Hành Sơn (mountains of the Five Elements), better known in English as Marble Mountain: it’s a major Buddhist temple complex near Đà Nẵng (centre of Vietnam), which has a slew of pagodas and shrines on moutaintops, as well as temples carved within caves that are truly impressive. Easily my favourite place (though not very favoured by Western tourists; the crowd was mostly local) of the trip: serene and unearthly, and with fabulous views over the surrounding countryside. Easy to see why they built the temples here.

And this is the tomb of Khải Định, the second-to-last emperor of the Nguyễn dynasty: Huế is surrounded by the mausoleums of all the emperors–they’re all in very different styles, and this one is a striking fusion of Eastern and Western (see the octogonal pavillion vs the crosses that line the terraces). Inside, it looks a lot like a Vietnamese Versailles, with lots of ornate ceramics on the walls, and it has a golden likeness of the Emperor (the actual body is somewhere under the palace) and a shrine to honour his memory.

Khai Dinh tomb

That’s all from me–tommorrow it’s back to novel brainstorming and cooking 🙂


  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Vietnam is on our “list”. *g*

  2. :=) Angkor is on my list, but I keep getting attracted to other countries…

  3. Thank you for your pictures! I love to travel and if there is one thing that makes me wish to win the lottery is the chance to see the world. Well, since I don’t buy lottery tickets it remains to enjoy virtual travels for the moment. At least for some of the more distant places I wish to see.
    Right now I dream of Northern European countries, but I do want to see them in summer and winter. I also have a great wish to see Antarctica and New Zealand, but that I am not sure when it would come to happen. The same thing with Asia. As much as I would like to see it, it is a bit over my grasp now.
    So, thank you again for your travel pictures 🙂

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