The fun part of hurting your hand


I’m going much better now: the fingers are mostly not swollen anymore, and all I have left are biggish bruises on the fingertips (which make typing all but impossible, but at least I can flex my fingers).

The flipside of hurting my hand goes as follow:
-Basic language test: I basically switched to English the entire time the H and I were dealing with the (minor) emergency, and only switched back to French once my hand was safely bandaged. So, apparently, when in pain, I switch to English. Go figure…

-Basic rice cooking test: since I could only use the left hand, the H ended up cooking rice–an activity that, by unspoken agreement, is left to me along with Vietnamese cooking. And boy, is it hard to convince him to follow directions properly :=D (he was OK with most of it, but didn’t want to rinse the rice more than once or twice before cooking. I insisted. Being a man who likes his sticky rice, he also put a lot more into the mixture we cook [1]). So now the H knows how to cook rice, or more accurately which buttons to press on the rice cooker 😀

That’s all from me. As mentioned above, still not very easy to type more than a few paras. I’ll save my energy for working on a crit.

[1]I cook 9/10 normal jasmine rice, 1/10 sticky–makes for a much nicer texture.


  1. Good for your guy even trying the cooker, though. I think that if I ever couldn’t cook, we’d simply eat out a lot 🙂

    Your poor hand, you must have really hit it hard.

  2. Both of those crack me up. Was your agreement really unspoken? Ours was very much spoken. “I’ll handle Japanese. You make something else so I can eat new things. Also, don’t touch the rice cooker. It was expensive.”

  3. Your comment about the language switch brought to mind the old saw, “English is the language to curse in, Italian is the language to sing in, French is the language to make love in, and German is the language to drive pigs in.” Or something like that.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. 🙂

  4. Kara: as said elsewhere, if it had been more than rice, we’d have gone out 😀
    Brittain 😀 Nope, it was pretty much spoken, except for the part about not handling the rice cooker. And love yours–though it’s true those rice cookers are very expensive…
    Fred: but I wasn’t even cursing, I was just complaining, honest… (and watching the progress of the swelling across my fingers, not something I’d recommend). And thanks!

  5. I summarized the exchange for my wife, who laughed. I suspect you two would get along well. She also demanded I get jasmine rice cooking advice from you (Japanese sticky rice w/ variations here), so I’ll have to look through your older posts for that. And yes, the induction heating rice cookers are pretty amazing. They’d better be for the money.

  6. Sounds like your wife and I would be able to share anecdotes if nothing else 🙂

    I think we have a fuzzy logic rice cooker (the induction models being impossible to find in Paris). But boy, it’s still expensive…

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