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-My friend Cécile is having a poll on her LJ for readers of SFF–if some of you feel like dropping by and answering, it would be awesome. She’s doing this for her PhD, and she needs enough data before she can work on the results. The poll is here.

-The SFF translation awards is looking for donations and/or prizes: this is a prize for best translated SFF (split equally between the writer and the translator), both for long form and short form. It is solely financed by grants and by generous sponsors, so naturally seeks enough money to award a decent prize.
In a field which is over-focused on Western Anglophone works (I’ve rehashed this to death, so I won’t add anything), this is a most welcome breath of fresh air. Plus, awesome works on that list!. I’ve offered up a signed copy of Master of the House of Darts as a donation prize, and there is plenty more cool stuff on that list (and more to come!). So, if you feel like helping a worthy cause…


  1. Donated! I am so glad this organization exists.

    Also, your book arrived, yay! I thought you would like to know it got here safely. 😀

  2. :=) Thanks, Laura–on both counts! (I had a bit of a fight with the post office over mailing those, so I’m glad they arrived…)

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