And we have book day!


Officially, Master of the House of Darts should be on sale today (the downside to living several thousand kilometers from the bookstores is that I won’t see it, but I’m sure it should be around physical bookstores. Otherwise, ebooks work too 🙂 )

Now I can stop blogging like crazy, get some sleep, and research rice cultivation in Asia (don’t ask, it’s for a story…) Also, I am proud that I have finished sorting out my books!!!
(it bugs me, though, that I seem to have lost two of the buggers somewhere in the move. We have absolutely *no* idea where they are, and I don’t think anyone would want to steal a book of Vietnamese fairytales and an Ancient Vietnam mystery book).

In other news, H and I are enjoying the anime Ergo Proxy, though we’re mostly at the “crazy theories” stage…


  1. And ebook it is for me! 🙂
    Aliette, I loved your interview on Faster Times!

  2. It’s already arrived on my Kindle!

    As a matter of fact, two different books I’d preordered arrived within a couple of hours of each other last night. That was pretty awesome. (The other was Between the Sea and Sky by Jaclyn Dolamore, if you’re interested.)

  3. Elena: aw, thank you so much! I loved Gabrielle’s questions, but they were hard to answer intelligently 🙂
    Clare: kindles are pretty awesome for that–hope you have a good read, and thanks for the buy! (haven’t read a Delamore book yet, but I’m intrigued by her Magic Under Glass…)

  4. I has sad panda 🙁
    Aliette de Bodard “Master of the House of Darts: Obsidian and Blood Book 3”
    Date d’arrivée prévue : 20 décembre 2011 – 05 janvier 2012


  5. 🙁
    Ils devraient approvisionner plus vite que ça, je pense (ils donnent toujours une date un peu funky quand le livre est sorti aux US et pas encore dans leurs entrepôts)

  6. Tu avais raison \o/
    Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que l’article suivant vous sera expédie plus tôt que prévu :
    Aliette de Bodard “Master of the House of Darts: Obsidian and Blood Book 3”
    Date d’arrivée précédemment estimée : 20 décembre 2011 – 05 janvier 2012
    Nouvelle date d’arrivée prévue : 08 novembre 2011 – 09 novembre 2011

    ça reste trop tard pour samedi et te laisse un peu de répit par contre…

  7. Cool, surtout que je n’avais aucune idée de quoi mettre :p

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