Things you do when you move…


…into a new neighbourhood:
-find two local bakeries: the one that makes the best bread (if necessary, split between the one that makes the best baguettes and the one that makes the best loaves); and the one that doesn’t make the best bread, but is open on Sundays.
-find the local Asian (Vietnamese/Chinese) takeaway (which has the advantage of being open 7/7). Not difficult, as there are three of them within a 2-minute walk.
-find the local pizza delivery place, preferably one open late at night and on Sundays. Not as easy as the Asian takeaway; we finally found a kebab place that also doubles as a pizzeria, and makes their own dough by hand. Yummy. Drawback is over-reliance on eggplants (I love eggplants to bits, but the H is less obliging).
-find the nearest Asian (ie Vietnamese) food-store. Normally, this would be Chinatown, but we’re in luck, as there’s a small grocery store that carries a handful of basic supplies. Already bought some chả lựa and spring onions 🙂
-find the nearest open-air market. Theoretically done, but we haven’t been yet.
-find a cheesemonger, a fishmonger, and a butcher. Got the cheesemonger, still working on the other two.
(and yes, it’s all food. I can’t see why there’s a problem there…)


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