Progress, part the N


Let’s see…
Kitchen: almost done. Dishwasher working. Rice cooker reinstalled. Broken cupboard was fixed this morning.
Living room: furniture almost in their final locations, except for my desk which will possibly move around a bit. Not yet unpacked: my computer, misc. papers, and books.
Bedroom: my clothes unpacked and sorted. The H’s are still in boxes.
Bathroom: most of the stuff is elsewhere, because the cupboard isn’t installed yet. But the washing machine is working (we had a bit of a fright because it wouldn’t restart–turns out it was a plugged filter).

Missing: a dresser for holding the excess dishware and cutlery. Sorting out the duplicate materials in the cellar.

All in all, a most profitable weekend 🙂

Oh, and I did manage to finish editing Foreign Ghosts, as well as tentatively plotting two sequels, Unwelcome Spirits and Revered Ancestors. One thing down, several billions to go…


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