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Catching up–those are both a bit late, but they do make for awesome sharing:

-Alexander Chee on comics, X-men and race, especially with regards to growing up mixed-race. It’s a great post, especially with regards to the experience of belonging neither here nor there–there must be other such accounts, but this is the first one I’ve seen. I’m probably reading the wrong blogs again, but the issue of mixed-race people often seems to get skipped over, or assimilated to POC problems. Which it is, partly–but for me, it does seem to bring extra problems, such the ones Chee points out. Mostly speaking from my own and limited experience there…

-Tricia Sullivan on the SF ghetto and issues of classification within the genre. Brilliant. Just darn brilliant.

-For the gamers amongst us, particularly those who’ve played Mafia/Werewolves (of Thiercellieux if you hail from France): there are people writing articles about Mafia game theory… Wow.


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