Oh dear…


There’s been another earthquake in Japan (magnitude 6.4 in eastern Shizuoka prefecture), apparently unrelated to the big one which broke last Friday. That’s in addition to all the aftershocks of the big one, naturally…
And the nuclear situation in Fukushima doesn’t really look to be getting better, since they’re running out of coolant.
As starlady38 says, it never rains but it pours. If you want to donate specifically to Japan [1], see the Japanese Red Cross, or Medecins Sans Frontières, among others. Any other suggestions for donations welcome in the comments.

In other news (which tend to get obscured by Japan), Bahrain has apparently called in Saudi troops to maintain order as things get out of control there.

[1]Of course, don’t let that dissuade you from donating to other charities, all year long. It’s money which often comes in handy; charities tend to be deluged by donations at times like this, which of course is a good thing–but they can have a bit more trouble getting through the less high-profile disasters, or the daily grind of small things, for which few donations come in.


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