Japan links


Via Jeff Spock, and because I’m a grouchy contrarian:

Some perspective on the Japan Earthquake, and an article on the nuclear situation by someone who has a much better idea than reporters about how nuclear plants actually work.

To be clear, I’m not denying this is a major disaster for Japan. Things are undoubtedly bad in large areas of the country; and sifting through the rubble and rebuiliding is going to be a massive effort. My heart definitely goes out to the Japanese caught in this, and I wish them the very best in those trying times.
It’s just that I’m starting to be slightly put off by the number of people (esp. media outlets) who give the impression that the entire country is on the verge of utter ruin and nuclear holocaust(s). It has overtones of condescension to the Japanese and their resourcefulness; and with regards to the nuclear thing, over-reaction to what’s going on (some articles I’ve read more than implied that Japan was going to become a wasteland after all its nuclear plants had blown up, which seemed kind of an overstatement…).


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