It’s official: I’m going to Epinal


Since it’s up on the website, I can now announce that I’ll be a guest at the Imaginales convention, which will run 26-29th May 2011. Set in Epinal, a beautiful town in the East of France, Imaginales is the big French fantasy convention (the other spec-fic con is Utopiales in November, which is more geared towards SF). Among the overseas guests this year are Peter V. Brett, Trudi Cavanan, Brandon Sanderson, N.K. Jemisin, Robin Hobb, Stephen Baxter, and Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman (there are also plenty of well-known French authors whose names will be less familiar to most readers of this blog–check the guest list if you’re so minded).

The French translation of Servant of the Underworld should be around as well, since it’s released on May 27th. It will be titled D’Obsidienne et de Sang, tome 1 des Chroniques Aztèques (“Of Obsidian and Blood, book 1 of the Aztec chronicles). And lookie, lookie, you can preorder it on amazon!


  1. It must feel funny, having your work translated into your own language, no? How come you didn’t do it yourself?

    Oh, and I adore this year’s illo for Imaginales. That’s a fantasy heroine one can identify with comfortably. 🙂

  2. Hi Milena,

    The dirty secret is that I’m a very good speaker of English, a passably good speaker of French, and a terrible translator–I’ve lost the reflex that lets you shift between languages easily, and when I speak in English, I just think in English. So if you ask me to translate “mouse” into French, I’ll have to stop and go “mouse=small gray animal that gets chased by cats=mental picture of mouse= French ‘souris’, aha!”

    The illo is great. The colour scheme is bolder than what I like, but I can understand why you’d want bold and simple for a webpage banner. And yes, she’s definitely a great heroine with no oversexualisation, which is a welcome change.

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