Hivemind query on Washington DC


Having never really been in the US for any long extent of time…

What’s the likelihood of shops in Washington DC being open on a Sunday? (specifically, May 22nd, in case there are any special holidays involved I wouldn’t know about)

Thanks in advance!

(why yes, I’m booking my journey for the Nebula Awards Weekend. Why do you ask? :))


  1. While some specific neighborhoods have a lot of stuff shut down in DC on a Sunday, May-Aug is prime tourist time here, so there will be plenty of shops and attractions open. Some (liquor stores in particular–if that matters!) may close slightly earlier than they would on a weekday, but you won’t be high and dry.

    And congratulations 😀

  2. Katey: thanks! I’m not that interested in liquor, so that should be all right 🙂

  3. Sunday is basically 11-6 PM. There will be restaurants open for dinner, but it’s hard to get to them once they roll up the sidewalks….

  4. Thanks, Jonathan–I probably won’t be up by 11am, and my plane leaves before 6, so I should be good 🙂

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