So, about those vampires…


Currently watching Angel (in Spanish, in an effort to keep my vocab up to date. So far, I’ve learnt lots of moderately useful words such as “stake”, “coffin”, “demon”, but you never know, I might need them somehow). I like the show, but the mythology is sometimes… particular. As in, you don’t want to dig in too deeply, because things might crack.

For instance, crucifixes and holy water are clearly harmful to vampires, whether they’re ensouled or not. But, conversely, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for Angel to stroll into a church, which is a. consecrated ground, b. the house of God (ie, the origin of the powers invested in crucifixes in the first place), and c. in a deliberate crucifix layout, like most traditional churches (the nave and the transept forming a rather characteristic shape…).



  1. I think you are very right Aliette, you cannot examine too closely. The funny thing about “cult” TV programs is that often have many inconsistencies, which just adds to their mystique and loveability. Fans can spend entire lifetimes dissecting the discontinuity and some people even make careers out of it.

  2. We were having the same discussion with the H, and coming to the conclusion that the continuity of most TV shows sucked anyway (probably because they’re written season by season, if not episode by episode). I just bitch at the discontinuities and keep watching 🙂

  3. Hey, at least they don’t sparkle. 😀

  4. True. I should be grateful for small mercies :=)

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