State of the writer update


And in other news…

Almost done with the tables–now for the actual table plan… I think we’ve sorted out most of the printing problems, even though we still have to drop the booklet at the printer’s.

Actual writing: er… Does research count? Preparing a story to complete the “Shipbirth/Shipmaker” set of stories, still not sure where it’s going other than the fact that it involves transport ships.

Reading: opened a random book taken from the library (Tess Geritsen’s The Apprentice), which had a serial killer raping and kidnapping women. Suppressed an urge to hurl it at the wall, and closed it. I really need to find a decent thriller that doesn’t have a serial killer torturing women in it, before my faith in the crime genre falters altogether…

And your Vietnamese word of the day is mặt trời: “the sun” (lit. “the face of the sky”). Meanwhile, I’ll go back to practising my tones. Still can’t get the level tone right (you’d think it would be the simplest one, but it seems I can’t maintain my voice level at all).


  1. I recommend The Apostle by Brad Thor. I’m reading it now and love it. (Also appreciate the peek into Afghanistan.)

    I have learned one thing definite from you: I will never be able to learn Vietnamese. :giggles:

    I’m also really excited about the ship stories. The whole idea fascinates me. That’s kind of what I’ve been focusing on myself in writing, rediscovering what fascinates me. And so I’m keeping eyes wide open for stuff that makes me want to go, why didn’t I think of that? :grins:

  2. Hum, definitely sounds interesting, but it looks to be more thriller-y than my current hankerings. I’ll put it on the to-read list for when I want more adrenaline 🙂 Thanks!
    Glad you’re excited about the ship stories! I’m having a lot of fun exploring all the implications.

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