So, one thing that’s always been part of my life: I have a somewhat uncommon first name, and it’s not often that I see other people who have it. And, in particular, not often that I see characters in books with that first name. A result is that I tend to assume anyone named “Aliette” has to bear some ressemblance with me (I was once the proud owner of a green children’s book called “Aliette goes skiiing”, which never failed to make me smile, because, boy, am I abysmal at skiing).
So there’s apparently an author out there writing a series of mysteries set in France and featuring an inspector called Aliette Nouvelle (which comes out a little disturbing in French, because we have “Beaujolais nouveau”, which is this year’s vintage, and this reads a little bit like Aliette is some kind of wine…. It’s a good vintage, honest 🙂 ).
Anyway, I found this from the backcover of one of the books according to Amazon, and thought it too funny not to share:

Aliette (…) is a new heroine for the 90s—smart, single and intuitive, but more interested in quietly and non-violently getting the job done than in receiving front-page coverage for her sometimes unorthodox methods of crime-solving. She knows she is regarded as a rising star in the force and believes that her years of hard work and her excellent record are about to bear fruit.

Look, I’m a famous detective :=)


  1. Oh, what I’d give for an unusual name. I know for a fact, there is another Cate Gardner writing YA books. It’s a race to see which of us gets published first.

  2. And the other’s going to need a pen name. Feel for you, Cate.

    I love the whole Aliette the detective. Sounds really right up your alley! :snickers and grins:

  3. Cate: yeah, I know what you mean. My husband Matthieu has got a very common name and he’s always annoyed to find lots of colleagues and friends also called Matthieu.
    Megs: always wanted to be a detective :=)

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