State of the writer


So, it’s been a thoroughly uninteresting weekend in the Bodard household, with activities ranging from movies (Robin Hood, surprisingly better than expected, although a lot of it was sheer nonsense), to cooking (chocolate and orange scones with a dodgy recipe that resulted in burnt things tasting vaguely of chocolate), ironing (aka tackling the pile of laundy that’s not been touched for a few decades) and writing (finished up one short story, subbed it).

Also watched a bunch of Bones episodes in Spanish, in an effort to revive my flagging command of the language. It’s not always optimal, because they do the dubbing and the subtitles separately, and the text on the bottom of my screen seldom coincides with what the characters are saying. A good bonus of this, though, is that when I don’t understand what they’re saying, chances are I’ll know the vocabulary in the subtitles and vice versa. Am learning a lot of useless vocabulary with this, such as a bunch of synonyms for “skulls”, or how to say “hanged” in Spanish.
(alas, the fun will have to stop soon, because for some weird reason they only released season 3 as a French/English/Spanish set of DVDs, all the others are in French/English. Of course it had to be the shortest season they picked. I’m contemplating Veronica Mars next, if I can borrow them from my sis).

Tomorrow, back to the grind.

Your daily Three Kingdoms progress: Kongming attempts to conquer the Man people for the Second Emperor, Liu Bei’s successor. Interesting visions of the south of China/North of Vietnam, with a bunch of amusingly racist stereotypes (I’m cutting the book a lot of slack here, in case you have a doubt). By the looks of it, I’m nearing the end.
BF has started Ian M Banks’ Against a Dark Background, and spends a lot of time chuckling to himself. I imagine I’ll have to try it at some point, after I finish all the books I had at Eastercon.


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