Quick update


So, up to vol 3 of the Three Kingdoms. Liu Bei is close to declaring himself Emperor, at the rate things are going. It’s interesting to see that the Daoists (Kongming et al.) are the ones being utterly ruthless and practical, almost without honour by the standards of the novel, and that Liu Bei himself seems completely detached from the realities of the world (ie, trying to establish his own kingdom without resorting to trickery…).

In other news, did some light editing on “Shipbirth”, a short I’d written a while about about Aztecs in space (well, sort of). Working on another short involving steampunk and fallen gods, and my brain’s currently trying to decide between three different short stories. Also edited a Sekrit Project, and another story–and have another set of edits I need to have a look at, probably later on.

But right now, I’m off to see Robin Hood, and then onto a nice helping of phở.

All is well. (and I have Pentecost Monday off, yipee).


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