Quick roundup


So, back from Vietnam. I am officially 100% jetlagged, and propped up mostly by caffeine at this point. Here’s what seems to have happened on the interwebs (regarding my fiction) while I was away:

-Gill Polack offers thoughts on Servant of the Underworld, particularly on why it’s a very male-oriented book (on which I tend to concur)
-Antony at Science Fiction and Fantasy reviews the book:

Servant of the Underworld is an intelligent, involving and very rewarding novel which I have no hesitation in recommendation to one and all.

-Val reviews it at his blog:

An interesting and unusual setting, a well rounded main character (did you ever meet a priest of the dead being the good guy in a fantasy novel?) and a brisk pace. This novel has a lot going for it.

-Couple of reviews showed up at amazon, mostly bewildered by the names (a sentiment I can share, though I have to admit being puzzled by some of the names that gave them pause)
-Over at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, you can now listen to the podcast of my story “In the Age of Iron and Ashes” (it’s still up in issue 33 if you want to read it)
-Some love for “The Wind-Blown Man” (incidentally, the February issue of Asimov’s just turned up on my doorstep)


  1. I have grown a last name!

    Thank you so much for the link but I am afraid you’ve mixed up two Vals. Just to avoid any confusion, Val is a handle I use for various purposes on the web but it is not my read name. Until now I didn’t understand where the Grimm part came from but it has been brought to my attention she is a different person. Let’s not accuse her of substandard reviewing 😉

    Rob Weber

  2. Oops… Wasn’t paying attention. Val Grimm and I have both been working for the Fix Oline, which is why I tacked on the name without thinking. Fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out!

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