Misc. midweek update


Harbinger has stalled, mainly because I wrote myself into a corner and now need to get out of it. The solution I had in mind turned out to involve something I expressely mentioned as impossible in Servant, so it’s back to the writing board…

I have found a new toy: a Starbucks thermos mug (brought back from Moscow by my father), which is suprisingly handy to have–you never know when someone is going to interrupt you, and the water at work is lukewarm at best. Having the mug helps to get extra minutes of hot tea, which is cool.

This will probably be the last post before the blog goes dark, as I’m going to Dublin to visit my sister. Internet access will be around, but it’s likely I won’t be using much of it.

Some linkage:
-Fellow SFnovelist Jackie Kessler continues to chronicle the Harlequin Horizons debacle. Very interesting posts.
-Article over at Nebula Awards website on “International SF” and Problems of Identity
-David Antony Durham compares covers, which I always find a terribly fascinating exercise.
-Strange Horizons has an article from Nicholas Seeley, in which various Apex World Book of SF contributors discuss SF and language.


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