Interzone and Black Static stories eligible for Nebulas


I’ve just confirmed this with the SFWA Awards Rule Committee: Interzone and Black Static stories are eligible for the Nebulas, by virtue of their electronic publication through Fictionwise. So any magazine issue that was uploaded to Fictionwise during the nomination period is eligible.

So, if you’ve always wanted to nominate cool stuff like Sarah L. Edwards’ poignant “Lady of the White-Spired City” (IZ 222), Al Robertson’s beautiful “Fishermen” (IZ 221), or Jeff Spock’s hilarious “Everything that Matters” (IZ 219), now’s the time to go ahead and nominate!

I believe this makes issues 217 to 225 eligible for nominations.

I don’t often ask for this, but could y’all spread the word over the Internet? Obviously, it’s not widespread knowledge yet…


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