Birthday loot, or why my friends and family are great


So, here’s some of what I got for my B-day:

  • Three books on Ancient India (the BF)
  • Eyewitness book on the Aztecs, Mayas and Incas, and book on Aztec armies (tlmorganfield)
  • Last season of Battlestar Galactica (my father)
  • New gloves to replace the fatigued ones I had (my mom)

I am surrounded by people who know my weaknesses 🙂 (also, I got a lovely Bday card from AR towers, with a cute little robot on it, which was very sweet)

In other news, Saturday was plumbing day, aka the day when I cleaned the bathroom of limescale (I do this regularly, but hadn’t paid attention to my washbowl tap or to my showerhead). I have proved conclusively that my practical sense is close to zero (as in, don’t try to unscrew the tap without making sure the washbasin is properly plugged–this ended with a bit of the tap inside the washbasin outlet, and ten minutes’ worth of scare while the BF took the outlet apart). But now it looks to be all clean 🙂


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