Busy busy Saturday


And another afternoon of being pretty busy… I tackled the pile of laundry to be ironed, and dented it significantly. I should have done it last weekend, but last weekend I was still recovering from a nasty tumble on the road with had resulted in a bunch of open wounds and an even bigger bunch of bruises (memo, never run after a bus and trip. Thankfully, I’m much better now, though the bruises are still around…).

In the series “my great experiments today”, I also got to wash a pillow in the new washing machine for the first time. It’s still underway, so I guess I’ll find out if I got the right settings for the beastie when it comes out (hopefully not half its original size, and hopefully whiter than it was on entering, too).

Writing activities: a bunch of edits, half a scene in the current short, and some minor website updatery. Also started signing my sheets of Angry Robot stickers (the ones that will go in the books), though I didn’t get very far before my wrist gave up the ghost.

Also did some shopping, and bought the new India Arie CD (Testimony vol.2 Love & Politics), and a cut-price DVD of Infernal Affairs (it’s got Tony Leung–what more need I say?).

Tomorrow, the BF and I are attending a christening, so I need to dig up something suitable in the way of formal dress… (and, if I’m lucky, will not have to iron it).


  1. You sound busy.

    If you’ve seen The Departed, see what you think of Infernal Affairs – the former is the US remake of the HK latter.

  2. I am 🙂
    I haven’t seen The Departed, actually. I know it’s a US remake, and I was curious to see the original before deciding if I wanted to see the US version. But I’ll let you know what I think regardless.

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