Quickie post-worldcon post


The con was great: met lots of new people and had lots of fun. Sunday was spent, as envisioned, on sheer adrenaline, going through two panels and a reading with a mounting heartrate, before rushing back to the hotel room to change into my evening dress for the Hugos.

And the Hugo Awards…

Well, it’s a good thing that they started out with the Campbell, which saved us nominees a lot of freaking out. David Anthony Durham won and made this awesome and very touching speech about community acceptance.

I subsequently was surprised to find out that though David led in all rounds of voting, by the end he had 161 votes to my 158, and that three-vote difference was all that separated me from actually having to improvise a speech up there…

Ah well. Such is life. I’m not complaining: I did take second place, and overall it’s been a really awesome year for me. Even though I didn’t win, I’m honoured to have just been nominated and to have stood in such good company. And I’ll make sure to keep an eye on all my fellow nominees, as I’m sure they’re off to great things.

Thanks a lot to everyone who voted for me; and special extra thanks to the Codex/Liberty Hall voting block, T.L. Morganfield, and Chris Kastensmidt for clapping and screaming so loud when my name was announced as part of the list of nominees. You guys totally made my night.

A couple of wins that had me really thrilled: Electric Velocipede took Best Fanzine–huge congrats to John Klima, who I’m sure would have loved to be there to collect his award.
Congrats to Elizabeth Bear for taking the Hugo for Best Novelette (she totally rocks), and to Ann Vandermeer and Stephen Seagal from Weird Tales for Best Semiprozine Hugo. My ROF illustrator Frank Wu took Best Fan Artist (and nearly broke something while running up the stage).

And I took a peek at the nomination ballot for the Campbell and saw familiar names: Chris Kastensmidt, Sara Genge, J. K. Cheney, fellow WOTFer Stephen Kotowych, and fellow Angry Robot author Colin Harvey. Huge congrats to all!

There will be a more detailed post when we come back from Canada and offload the camera’s pictures. In the meantime, here’s a picture of me in my Hugo outfit, courtesy of Cheryl Morgan:


  1. I watched the Hugo Awards on Twitter with my fingers and toes crossed. By the sounds of things, if I’d had another body part to cross you might have won.

    Congratulations on #2–that’s one heck of an accomplishment. And you looked great too.

  2. Hey Aliette! It was awesome meeting you – sorry you lost by three votes. It was the closest vote of the whole slate. Sorry.

    The “something” I nearly broke running up on stage was actually a photographer – John Upton – whom I profusely apologized to later (luckily neither he nor his camera were hurt!). Sorry, John!

  3. Pat–all your body parts got me in second place 🙂
    Frank–awesome meeting you and Brianna as well. The three votes are a tad frustrating, but still, I did give David a run for his money 🙂 (and next time, I’ll make a note to bribe more people…)
    I didn’t know about the photographer. Ouch. I’m glad nothing was hurt or broken in the process.

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