My idea of relaxation


I think it says something about me that I come home late and tired (having had 3 minutes of lunch pause, since lunch was spent in a meeting room with some sandwiches), and that to relax, I tweak the CSS of my website and do some edits…

(not sure I want to know what)

It hasn’t been a very good week: J. G. Ballard died, as well as Ken Rand, two people who will be much missed in their own way. I’ve had other bad news from other people I know.

The good news is that we spent a very nice BF’s birthday, with homemade pear cake (look, Mum, I can cook 🙂 ), that we’re looking at the Insight Guide for Canada and planning our travel around Worldcon.

Other good news is that my short story “Horus Ascending” has made the list of notable 2008 stories over at the Million Writers Award. There’s a lot of familiar names on the list: Beth Bernobich, Mary Robinette Kowal, Cat Rambo, Eric James Stone, John Brown, Jim Hines, Lavie Tidhar, Eugie Foster, Charles Coleman Finlay and Rae Carson Finlay, Ken Scholes.. Wow. And special heads-up to Beneath Ceaseless Skies, which was mentioned as the runner-up for best new magazine and racked up two nominations despite its late 2008 start.


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