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SF Mind Meld on Rebooting an SF series


Over at SF Signal, Paul Weimer kindly asked me to contribute, in answer to the question:

If you could resurrect, reboot, or reinvigorate a book series or cycle, which one would it be and why?

Go check out my answer here–along with those of participants such as Peter Orullian, Laura Resnick, Chris Moriarty, and Jon Courtenay Grimwood (whose idea I utterly love)

Mind Meld on SF books, and misc.


I was asked to take part in a Mind Meld over at SF Signal: name Science Fiction Books That Should Be in Every Fan’s Library. Go check out my answer, as well as that of the other worthy folks who’ve participated.
(I’d have put more recent books in the pile, if I’d actually read them. In SF, I’m still catching up on years of not really reading…)
Currently in the middle of Romance of the Three Kingdoms (right after the battle of Red Cliffs, which is interestingly not at all like the movie version…). You know that Chinese proverb that says the young shouldn’t read Water Margin because it teaches disobedience, and the old shouldn’t read Three Kingdoms because it teaches guile? Well, after almost 60 chapters, I get it… Three Kingdoms is just this long list of people shifting sides, trying to find the best way to betray each other, kill each other, deprive each other of influence. Very, very pragmatic view of war and power struggles–a giant free-for-all…

Also, this blog is currently under massive attack by spammers for a reason I can’t pinpoint (I choose popularity, but I’m not convinced…)

More later. Right now, I need some sleep.