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(courtesy of Thalys wifi link)

Graph of SF themes in TV, over time. Fascinating stuff.

Via Karen Meisner: Fantastical Wildife, the Child Empress of Mars. Amazingly detailed figure, which will be donated to the Interstitial Arts Foundation’s upcoming auction.

How not to hijack a ship: Somalian pirates mistake French flagship for cargo vessel. Uh-uh, not a good idea…

12 stories do not a collection make: Marty Halpern reflects on putting together an Alastair Reynolds collection.



“TGIF” is pretty much the only word that can be applied to the week. I’m exhausted, and all ready for the marathon Saturday afternoon with friends 🙂


-The Hugo Voter Packet is now live, courtesy of John Scalzi. There’s great stuff in there, six novels (four of the Hugo nominees, the scaringly good Acacia and Thunderer by fellow Campbell nominees David Anthony Durham and Felix Gilman. Also short fiction samples from Tony Pi, Gord Sellar, and yours truly (a samplet of the stuff I put up on my website). You have to be a member of Anticipation to download it–but isn’t all this nifty stuff worth the price of admission? 

-Speaking of the Campbell… congratulations to David Anthony Durham for being selected as part of the newest crop of Wild Cards writers. 

-Last Campbell stuff, I promise 🙂 Mary Robinette Kowal has finished interviewing all five of us on her blog. 

J. Cheney has a good story up at Fantasy Magazine, “Early Winter, Near Jenli Village“, and a nifty interview done by Marshall Payne.

-Stephanie Burgis on why agents matter, and her moving account of the genesis of her Regency YA trilogy (which, incidentally, is near the top of my books to order)

World Tea Expo : wow, I’m salivating… (via teafreaks)

BF and I are still deep into the Canada guide, trying to work out what we’re going to do before Anticipation (looks like there’s more than enough around Montreal to keep us busy for a while). 

Off to spend some time with Hamster Sister (she had a bunch of  wisdom teeth removed–some swelling happened, obviously…)