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Shameless self-promotion


My story “Desaparecidos” is now available in the June 2010 issue of Realms of Fantasy. This was actually the one that got me pulled from the slush, so I’m very pleased to see it published (with Realms closing for a while, it did end up feeling like forever…). Like the other writers in the issue, I’ve written a piece on the origin of the story, which you can read here (and be sure to check out the other background pieces–sounds like a set of fascinating stories). And the table of contents is here. (as an aside, isn’t mine the best story description ever? Kind of sums up a lot of my fiction…)


Caldera de los Angeles (Crater of the Angels)
About 15 km (10 miles) from downtown El Águila. Count about three hours of a fairly taxing climb to reach the top, but the inside of the caldera–with its magnificent lake and forest–is well worth the exertion.
Legend has it that the Crater marks one of the numerous places where the rebellious angels fell down from Heaven–hence its name.
From A Traveller’s Guide to the Acamba Valley

In other news, I was pleased to see that “The Lonely Heart” (published in Black Static, to be reprinted in Panverse’s Eight Against Reality), garnered an Honorable Mention in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year, and that “After the Fire” (published in Apex, podcast on StarShipSofa), is a notable story of 2009 for the Million Writers Award

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Appreciation of Black Static 9 by Nick Cato of the Horror Fiction Review:

This issue’s fiction is (once again) fantastic. My faves were HAUNT-TYPE EXPERIENCE by Roz Clarke (an interesting take on the “Ghost Hunters” trend) and Aliette De Bodard’s dazzling, ghostly opener, THE LONELY HEART.

-Charles Tan interviews Nancy Fulda:

The single best thing I’ve done for my career is to make it less important than my family.

List of nominees for Prix Imaginales 2009 (category Translated Works)

-Steve Cockayne, Wanderers and Islanders
-David Anthony Durham, Acacia
-Hélène (Ellen) Kushner, Swordspoint
-Ian McDonald, King of Morning, Queen of Day
-Terry Pratchett, Going Postal

(lots of good stuff, including fellow Campbell nominee David Anthony Durham, well on his way to conquer the world–but special congrats to Ellen Kushner for making the list!)

Fantasy Magazine is posting con reports: first ones include Eugie Foster on Outlantacon, Penguicon (Dave Hogg here and Alethea Kontis here)