Giveaway winners!


Giveaway winners!

So, the giveaway winners are:
Sakura and Virginia Preston! Congratulations–I’ve emailed you.

Thanks to everyone for entering. I’m, er, blown away by the number of entries, and the imagination–finding places to shelter in devastated Paris certainly took you to interesting places! Out of sheer curiosity (and for pure fun), I’ve run stats on the answer to this question. They’re below.

Very clearly the Catacombs come out *way* ahead 🙂 There were also factions holing up in The Louvre (a sensible choice. The Louvre is in the hands of House Samothrace, which doesn’t feature in the book but is a minor House and therefore a sensible place to be, away from the big political intrigues that shake Paris from time to time), the Eiffel Tower (good choice, there’s a House on the grounds of the monument, though it doesn’t feature in the book!), and in book-related places (bookstores and libraries. You will love Emmanuelle, the archivist of House Silverspires and a pretty badass woman generally speaking).

(I haven’t decided what the catacombs will hold yet. The H is agitating for zombies, I think that might be a little too on-the-nose :p)

Also a pretty sizable faction being eminently sensible and avoiding Paris altogether (sheltering in the suburbs, countryside or abroad. It would be slightly close to cheating, except that pretty much the whole of Europe and America took a very bad hit in the Great Houses War, so I’m not really sure you’d be as well protected as you think outside of Paris…). And finally clever people in the metro or underground places (I didn’t count the sewers in that category or it’d be even larger). The tunnels are probably ruined and booby-trapped, but I should think no one is fighting you for those. Or maybe the catacomb zombies (just kidding!) And a lot of other really awesome ideas (embassies, crypts, operas, museums, restaurants and pastry shops…) that made me smile 🙂


Anyway, thanks again everyone. I was very very psyched by the interest, and I hope you had fun, at least with the “devastated Paris” question–sorry, not everyone can be a winner as I’ve got only a limited number of ARCs to give out 🙁


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