Print edition of On a Red Station Drifting


Print edition of On a Red Station Drifting

In related news: there will be a print edition of On a Red Station, Drifting, published through Createspace. I haven’t publicised it because I’ve been sorting out admin stuff, but here’s the cover, courtesy of Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein (and many many thanks to Colin F Barnes, who in addition to giving me tons of advice on self-publishing, covers and print publishing, also did my interior design).

Hopefully by MIRCon I can sign copies of it ^^

ETA: it’s live! Go buy it from amazon [US|UK|Fr].


  1. names are ephemera!

    Awesomesauce 🙂 I quite like the cover.

  2. Thank you! The artist is wonderful (and they’re from Saigon!)

  3. I admit that I don’t like the cover of the first physical edition, I like this one a lot more. I mean a LOT more. I don’t have any regrets in having the hardcover edition of “On a Red Station, Drifting”, it is a wonderful book. But I wish it had this cover. Well, maybe having both editions is not such a bad thing either. And if this second edition is signed it would be even better. Who knows, maybe at Eurocon in Barcelona I’ll have that chance. 😉

  4. Mihai: aw thank you! I like the hardcover. It’s rare and precious 🙂 (and the cover says “SF” more, I think? This one doesn’t, not as much).
    If you’re willing to cover the P&P I can mail a signed copy to you. Or at Eurocon, if you feel more like that 🙂 Let me know.

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