“Immersion” wins a Locus Award


So, it would appear that “Immersion” has won a Locus Award for Best Short Story. It’s kind of very… humbling when you see that the past list of winners includes Ted Chiang, Ursula Le Guin, and Roger Zelazny… My deepest thanks to everyone who voted/nominated/spread the word, and special extra thanks to E. Lily Yu, who very kindly agreed to accept for me.

Lots of friends among the winners and finalists–big congrats to, among many others, Pat Cadigan, Elizabeth Bear, Ellen Datlow and Jonathan Strahan.

Meanwhile, the radio silence continues–a bit swamped currently with snakelet and snakelet supplies. Slowly chipping away at the novel, and hoping that maternity leave will leave me some energy pre-snakelet to get some way into the actual writing. Am looking forward to being Guest of Honour at Finncon next week while the H explores Helsinki (I’m allowed to attend the con but not to wander around the city).


  1. Congratulations! “Immersion” is an amazing, visceral story. Well-deserved award.

  2. Aw thank you!

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