New blog post up at SF Signal: food in my fiction


In which John DeNardo was kind enough to let me ramble on and on about the importance of food: read it here.

(still swamped, in case you had doubts. What little time I do have is spent napping…)


  1. I completely agree with you on the importance of food. But then I suppose every writer, especially fiction&fantasy writer, will base his/her worldbuilding on what they are most sensitive to. Languages, social relationships, politics&history, customs&clothes… Food is also one of my favourites, as it’s quasi-universal: not a lot of people love politic intrigues, but almost everyone is interested in having something nice and tasty in his or her plate!
    I’m currently trying to imagine tasty meals in a fantasy world I’m building, and I try to deal both with exotic flora and fauna, and link it to familiar stuff so that the reader will be able to imagine the tastes and flavours easily.

  2. Hi Pascal,

    Definitely we all have things we’re more or less sensitive to!
    Inventing a new form of cooking is a great world building tool 🙂

  3. Yes PascalNo i am also agree with you. Fiction and fantasy is totally depending on word building to give a perfect taste as well as preparing our food.

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