Reminder: pre-order “On a Red Station, Drifting”


A reminder that pre-orders are open for my limited-edition hardback Xuya novella “On a Red Station, Drifting”, and that you save £3 off the cover price of £10 if you preorder–see here for details, including a sampler scene from the book!
(and if you’re still hesitating, there’s a more detailed review over here by @requireshate)


  1. Is there going to be an e-book version? I’m in the US, so can’t usually find your work in a library, and disabled without being able to get disability for some ridiculous amount of time waiting for bureaucracy to move, so I can rarely buy books and need to save money and space where I can. Thanks!

  2. Emily, I’m afraid that there aren’t plans for an ebook edition in the near-future, as that would somewhat diminish the interest of having a limited edition…
    (though the shipping prices quoted on the Immersion Press website are to any destination worldwide)

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