Got the recent Locus, and Rich Horton recommends “Heaven Under Earth”, and says this in his review:

Best of all is ‘‘Heaven Under Earth’’ by Aliette de Bodard. Liang Pao is the First Spouse of a man on a planet where, for some reason, women are rare. Liang is genetically male, but has been altered to be able to bear implanted children as have his fellow Spouses, but now he must welcome a surprise – an expensive female bride. His first concern is for his own position, but he soon understands that the woman is in a difficult position herself – an aging ex-prostitute who had no interest in this marriage. Again, the hints of the society in the background are very interesting, and the predicament and position of Liang Pao is involving and affecting.

Rather pleased 🙂


  1. A sad but beautiful story; I found it very moving. Fascinating society structure too.

  2. Aw thank you! It’s a bit of an oldie for me (EV went on a hiatus after buying it), but I’m glad so many people seem to be responding to it positively.

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