Brief Friday update


Not much to see, sadly–I wish I could say it’s all been exciting new writing, but for the most part it’s been exciting proofreading and interviewing…
We did watch Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking. Plus points: Rupert Everett, who makes a surprisingly entertaining Holmes and who has got great interactions with Ian Hart’s Watson. Also, it was nice to see a return of Holmes’ moral principles, which have been mostly glossed over in Sherlock. Also, Michael Fassbender (who doesn’t like movies with Michael Fassbender). Minus points: the plot, which is voyeuristic and not really convoluted enough for me to forgive the “let’s kidnap and torture young women” vibe. As the H said, it was a great shame the movie lacked suspects altogether and made its conclusion pretty foregone.
I’m off to Bristolcon for the weekend, where I’ll be hanging out with Gareth L Powell, Tricia Sullivan, Patrick Samphire and Stephanie Burgis. Internet connection will hopefully be sporadic (I have a story to write!). To tide you over: go read Mari Ness’s snarky review of the pilot for Revolution (which sounded hopelessly racist and hopelessly science-light in its trailer).


  1. Hope you had a great time at the con, Aliette!

    BTW, I’ve tagged you in the blog hop, “The Next Big Thing.” Hope you don’t mind! 🙂 You don’t have to play if you don’t want, but if you do, you can check out the questions that are due next Wednesday (Halloween!) on my blog here:

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