The Other Half of the Sky TOC


Athena Andreadis has announced the TOC of her feminist space opera anthology The Other Half of the Sky:

Athena Andreadis, Introduction

Melissa Scott, “Finders”
Alexander Jablokov, “Bad Day on Boscobel”
Nisi Shawl, “In Colors Everywhere”
Sue Lange, “Mission of Greed”
Vandana Singh, “Sailing the Antarsa”
Joan Slonczewski, “Landfall”
Terry Boren, “This Alakie and the Death of Dima”
Aliette de Bodard, “The Waiting Stars”
Ken Liu, “The Shape of Thought”
Alex Dally MacFarlane, “Under Falna’s Mask”
Martha Wells, “Mimesis”
Kelly Jennings, “Velocity’s Ghost”
C. W. Johnson, “Exit, Interrupted”
Cat Rambo, “Dagger and Mask”
Christine Lucas, “Ouroboros”
Jack McDevitt, “Cathedral”

Very pleased to be part of this awesome lineup! Mine is… er, weird, and involves Xuyan mindships, a Vietnamese rescue squad and homicidal nanobots. You can read samples from all the stories below, courtesy of Kate Sullivan:

Also, I went back to my Vietnamese lessons with Mom and managed to get through three entire sentences without being corrected in anything! (yes, it seems measly. However, to pronounce Vietnamese words without screwing up requires quite a fair bit of training)


  1. A long time ago, well, long ago in internet time, I had a flame war with Rachel Swirsky about how commonly female authors write the kind of story that Mike Ashley said he wanted to include (that whole Mammoth anthology fiasco with all men authors). Anyways, the stories up above looks like the kind of stories Ashley wanted (not that he really cared about inclusion of women or poc). Obviously there are other books and other anthologies I haven’t seen or noticed coming out, but it does make me feel good to see a TOC like what Andreadis put up, because it did not use to be like this, and every little bit of recognition by small outfits like The Carl Brandon Society was needed back then, not even so long ago.

    World might be cracking up in economic and social crisis, but by god, we’re going to have great books to read while hiding in the haystack from current mob–just brink the booklight…

  2. Thank you for dropping by! I missed the Ashley controversy (well, more accurately sat it out because flame wars just drain me), but I have to admit I wouldn’t have written space opera if Athena hadn’t come knocking…

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