Top Ten Google Searches for my Website


I was actually checking my website for traffic (which is increasing, yay me!), but those were too funny not to share. Thanks to the H for suggesting I inflict them on you guys; all complains should be addressed to ML in Paris *g*.

1. male underwear upper parts
Ha, someone must have been very disappointed. I wonder if I should convince the H to pose for nude pictures?

2. a glittering ballerina scarred forever
Er, I admit have no idea what was going on here. (this actually got multiple searches. Colour me puzzled).

3. the science of pineapple brownies
Ha. Fair point. So, pineapple brownies: chemical reactions between gluten in flour, butter and chocolate, cemented by a good hour in the oven to form a superstructure that holds together in the dish. (what do you mean, no? Ah yes, I didn’t actually take chemistry beyond cristallography and basic organics… Mind you, I suspect it’s fairly simple stuff as far as chemistry is concerned, which doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. Pineapple chocolate brownies is a vitally important dish, a concentrate of yumminess that dispels the gloom)

4. reflection paper on dancer’s gift sociology in life
Hum, I’m afraid I can’t help you there?

5. best stir-fry recipe ever
I’m flattered. Given that the post in question is stir-fried broccoli, though, again, disappointment looms…

6. lymond chronicles movie
OK, if they ever make one of this and it’s *not* Hollywood writing the script, I’ll sign up for it faster than you can blink. Francis Lymond on the big screen… Yum…

7. story about my idea of relaxation
Well-known facts: writers are psychic. So, apparently, is google.

8. mango stuck between teeth
I’m just getting a very uncharitable mental idea here, ha ha ha.

9. algorithm of simhuman
You mean, like computers pretending to be famous authors? 😀

10. amazing places on earth
Yup, this website. You’re here.


  1. Of course, now you have the phrases ‘a glittering ballerina scarred forever’ and ‘reflection paper on dancer’s gift sociology in life’, you’ll be getting even more traffic from them…

  2. I confess to having a particular fascination with looking at the stats on my blogs. Search terms, where people came from, all that stuff. You definitely had some interesting searches!

  3. Dylan: oooh yes. I have absolutely no doubt of that 😀
    Jennifer: I seldom do look at the stats, especially the aggregrates, but it’s nice to see where people came from, yup (I had a lot of classical searches for my name, too, and my books. But those are funnier).

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