Nokia to Android, or arg


So… I can haz new phone. In this case, shiny Galaxy SII phone (was strongly tempted by a Note, but it was just getting too large for a phone that I wanted to use primarily as a communications device). And now comes the fun part where I import my contacts from Nokia into Android.
Guess what. It’s a horrendous experience.
I can sync the contacts from my phone to the Nokia Ovi Suite. Unfortunately, the %%% programmers at Nokia didn’t make any kind of CSV export, so you have to try and sync contacts with an external email program, such as Outlook, in order to actually export stuff. That wouldn’t be so bad–except that Outlook doesn’t come prepackaged with CSV export, and you have to install from the CD (which, of course, I’ve lost). I then attempted to go through Thunderbird sync–which turns out to be a buggy feature that makes the Ovi Suite crash, yay. (also, apparently Nokia stopped supporting Ovi Suite, oooh, about 4 months ago, making any kind of feature update hard. Not that it was ever anything more than a buggy program).
The process to export to CSV ended up looking something like this: sync contacts to Ovi Suite. Sync Ovi Suite to Outlook. Import contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird. Export to CSV.
Then it got more simple, albeit annoying: once I’d got the CSV up into gmail, I had to clean up the double entries, and merge everything for 300+ contacts. Gaaah.
Anyway, now I think I’m all set up. Shiny new phone, and normally my line transfers between providers tomorrow. Can’t wait.


  1. The Lesson? Buy a Windows Phone. (Not at all because my job partially depends on it. :d)

  2. Ah, welcome to the Galaxy SII owners’ club. Got myself one of those last November, still very pleased with it indeed 🙂

  3. Darren: glad to know it! I love mine so far.

  4. I love mine too, but Nokia OVI Suite doesn’t work for me so I have to re-enter manually my contact.

    Happyly that’s not for my business, just for my personnal…

    I hate this f$$##@g programmer! Never thinking thing simply for efficient customer experience…

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