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-Wisconsin repeals its Equal Pay Act, under the grounds that “men are more money-conscious than women”, and the main breadwinners of families (nah, single mothers never happened, and families with two working parents are just a fallacy). WTF. Cat Valente comments, mostly on how the heck we got here, and how we shouldn’t assume we’re safe away from the US (while I do agree with her, I believe in Europe people are more likely to get our rights denied for practising Islam and being vaguely Arab-looking. The US has gone women-phobic, in my neck of the woods it’s more like xenophobic).

-In the same vein, a rather terrifying post by Libby Anne on the erosion of pregnant women’s rights in the US. Do avoid the comments if you want to keep your blood pressure down, because they’re a morass of dumb people telling women that their noblest goal is to give their lives for their fetuses (seriously. Not even the Catholic Church is that regressive, and God knows I have issues with their handling of abortion and gender equality).

-On Eastercon: I love the con, I had a great time personally, but… you might want to take a look at this blogpost by Alex Dally McFarlane on some less awesome stuff that went on there. I don’t agree with everything, and I do think it’s important to point out that it’s been a con with many many degrees of awesomeness (not aware of everything, but the incident about gender equality on panels and how it was swiftly dealt with are a particular example of how stuff was efficiently and strongly dealt with). And again, I personally haven’t experienced anything I’d classify as offensive, but I had the privilege of being able to stick to my rather large comfort circle(s). I remain confident those are issues we’re working on as a genre, and that things can only get better (I’m quite sure cons used to be much less gender-equal than they are now, for instance–this is an area where we’ve definitely made progress). And the whole discussion has given me ideas for future panels at Bradford!

-Charles A. Tan on the fallacy of World SF, languages, cultural domination within the field

-Rochita Loenen-Ruiz’s “Alternate Girl’s Expatriate Life” is up at Apex–it’s a wonderful story of alienation and immigration, and what it means to be a foreigner in one’s own country

-Saladin Ahmed’s post on Game of Thrones. Read the comments at your own risks.


  1. Hate to be a nitpick, but there’s no linky in the Saladin Ahmed entry. I’ve read that article already, but I assume you meant to link to it, too. 🙂

  2. Scary, scary thing what’s going on in the US and how anti-women things are becoming. Still relevant to us because a lot of what starts there eventually happens over here. Let’s hope it won’t be true in this case.

    Ah..and Milena already pointed out the missing link to Saladin Ahmed entry. Thanks for linking to Alternate Girl. I thought it was time to plug it on the flips community as well. Hahaha…that foreign published thing–it must be up to par somehow.

  3. Milena: ha ha, should be fixed now 🙂
    Rochita: I’m more convinced that we have exactly the same thing as the US going on, but that instead of being anti-women, we’re being anti-foreigners. I’m sure hoping we don’t combine both…
    And you don’t have to thank me for linking to Alternate Girl–it’s a wonderful story that deserves more love!

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