Couple pubs


And in the midst of various upheavals, I’ve been really remiss in not posting those, but there are a couple of anthologies which include my fiction in them:

Transtories, edited by Colin Harvey, contains my short pseudo-Chinese story “The Axle of Heaven”. It was the last project Colin worked on before his death, and it’s got a stellar lineup, including Lawrence M. Schoen and Joanna Hall. Well worth a look, whether you knew Colin or not.

-Deb Hoag’s Women Writing the Weird, published by Dog Horn Publishing, contains my French fantasy “Ys”, as well as stories by Eugie Foster and Sara Genge. Lots of neat fiction, but it’s always nice to be showcased.

-And StarShipSofa Stories Vol.3 contains my “Age of Miracles, Age of Wonders”, amidst a lineup that includes Tad Williams, Joe Haldeman and Peter Watts (*gulp*). You can see the art by Mark Zug here on Google+.

TranstoriesWomen Writing the WeirdStarShipSofa


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