OK, so…


… I posted my blog post, packed some boxes, and went to bed–only to find out when I woke up this morning that my blog, its LJ mirror and my twitter had gone nuclear in my absence (and, indeed, are still active). Many thanks to everyone who boosted the signal on this one, and to everyone who commented and discussed. I will catch up with comments, but it’s obviously going to take me a while…
(especially since I’m really supposed to be packing more boxes)


  1. I read it, dear, and could not agree more, but you set yourself solidly in the sights of the entire genre as one of our best “outside the USA view” bloggers with your opinion piece in ASIMOV’s, and the bloggosphere is merely confirming that now. It’s one of the reasons we love you so much.

    Have a stress-free move!

  2. Especially since it seems the comments are still going…. >.>

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